Interview with Superintendent Mr. Tubb

Kyler Terry, 10th Grade BECHS


Mr. Les Tubb recently became the new superintendent of Brunswick County Schools, after the departure of former superintendent, Jerry Oates. Mr. Tubb will remain the interim superintendent until the end of the year. Mr. Tubb discussed his plans as the new superintendent in a recent interview. 


Mr. Tubb is no stranger to Brunswick County Schools as he was recently the superintendent from 2015-2018. He has been in education for more than 39 years, and he says that working with children has kept him coming back ever since. “There is something about coming back that renews my spirit,” said Tubb. 


As superintendent, he also enjoys working with the various school principals, board of education members, the central office staff, and more, to provide “the best opportunities and programs” for the students of Brunswick County. 


Mr. Tubb says that education has greatly evolved over the last 39 years. When he first started as a science teacher, “there was a bare bone curriculum.” This means that teachers were given a rough curriculum and then had to build and create opportunities for their students. Now, he says that innovative opportunities, such as the internet, have allowed for a constantly developing curriculum that also gives teachers the tools they need to expand their lessons. 


Since he retired back in 2018, Mr. Tubb has remained busy. He has been heavily involved in the Brunswick Search and Rescue, which is a nonprofit organization that trains dogs that are then able to help carry out search and rescue operations. Mr. Tubb has a Springer Spaniel that is certified HRD and certified air scent. In the four years he has been involved, he has been called out over 50 times. The dogs have helped find missing people, like an autistic kid, a lady with dementia, and he has also been involved in the recovery of several drownings. He says this job is rewarding as it either returns people back home to their loved ones, or it gives the family of the missing persons some closure. 


On top of golfing, training these dogs has been one of his favorite hobbies since he retired.


Now that he has started as superintendent, he faces some challenges. “I think one of the biggest challenges is presenting a budget to the board and identifying where our money is and how we can spend that money appropriately,” said Mr. Tubb. He also says that COVID-19 heavily impacted the teachers, students, and various extracurricular activities across Brunswick County. He gives praise to the former superintendent as he says that Dr. Oates did a good job at picking up the pieces after the pandemic. 


Mr. Tubb is most looking forward to once again coming to work every day. He is also looking forward to graduation this May, as students will close out their successful BCS careers and move on to even greater things. Whether it is into the workforce, a university, or even Brunswick Community College through the Brunswick guarantee, he is excited to see how far the students of BCS will go.