Beta Club Part 2

Beta Club Part 2

Makalya Proctor, BECHS


Beta club leader Leah Brown is passionate about service and character. She wants students to know she has high expectations for beta club members, such as modeling outstanding character and service. The beta club does volunteer work; they have done the beach and park clean-up, fall festival, Operation Christmas Child, raising money for a school that burnt down, a community easter egg hunt, and a love wall to foster relationships within the school.

“I started because I have been the sponsor at my previous school and saw the impact it had on the students and built relationships and leadership skills and helped their character which is the most important thing because it is expected to have a positive kind school culture” Ms. Brown said.

The beta club’s goal for future years is to be able to go to the national convention and would like for the members of the school and community to know what they do. They will be able to improve their organization and roles in the club and always want feedback to be the best they can be. Students are invited based on their unweighted GPA and their behavior and if you join the beta club it is a commitment and an expectation that you are demonstrating the four pillars of character leadership achievement and service in which the beta club stands for.


Quill and Scroll is a national journalism honor society with a new chapter at ECHS for Journalism Club members who have made strong contributions to school media work such as writing, editing, business, managing, or production. Students can be nominated by the  advisor and then approved by the Executive Director of Quill and Scroll. Members must be  sophomores, juniors or seniors.

The students must have a minimum 3.0 grade point average and be in the top one-third of their class in general scholastic standing, either for the year of their election or for the cumulative total of all of their high school work. The group does plenty of volunteer work by publishing the papers and overall helping the community with several projects.

According to Journalism Club Advisor Laura Askue, the main reason to add journalism honors is “because we have so many students who are outstanding and want to show their passion for writing outside of their English classroom”.

The club’s goals for this year is to continue expanding to build a strong community of dedicated writers that helps with communication between peers. Journalism meets during Tuesday A lunch 205 and Friday club time at 1:30 in room 241.


The  Yearbook Club’s main goal is to catalog the school year. The Yearbook Club decides the theme of each year’s book by having the students in the club vote and whatever has the highest point is the theme they use for the year.The club  is run by students. The yearbooks club’s main goal is to make sure that students are happy with the yearbook. This month the yearbook club and journalism club are going to ECU for a writing workshop. According to Advisor Shelby Leonard, “students can take being in a yearbook and apply it to life skills”. The Yearbook Club is constantly working on adding people and skills. If you like writing, photography, or organizing this is a good club to join. The club meets on Fridays in room 241 at 1:30.