Appreciating our Amazing Educators at BCECHS

Appreciating our Amazing Educators at BCECHS

Nathanial Brown, 10th Grade, BCECHS

Author: Nathanial Brown 

While most people will agree that we should show our teachers and school staff appreciation all year long, it is nice that we have a week in May to show appreciation. At Brunswick County Early College High School we have a small family of staff which makes it easy to show appreciation to our entire staff. I talked to the Department Chairs of Math, Science, Social Studies, and English to see why they appreciate their amazing teams.


Our math department consists of Mrs. Leah Brown, Ms. Angela Mabry, and Mrs. Erika Foster. Mrs. Brown, the Math Department Chair, said this about her team, “I appreciate them in different ways. Mrs. Mabry is always so encouraging and selfless. She is always willing to help me in any way possible. She keeps me calm and is such a hard worker. She inspires me with the way she treats each of her students with compassion. Mrs. Foster keeps me on my toes. She is a go-getter. I love how she has embraced all that we have learned in our math book study. Planning with her is easy because she is organized, has great ideas, and is willing to try new things. I appreciate all that she does for our classes. I am very thankful to have a team who collaborates and to have two awesome math teachers to learn from. We all respect one another and support one another. It is comforting to know that our students know that we are all in this together”. Our amazing math department can be seen pictured left to right: Bailey Hall (Math Instructional Coach), Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Foster, Ms. Mabry.

Our science department consists of Dr. Dane Fisher, Ms. Lorry Henry, and Mr. Ben Ford. Dr. Fisher, the Science Department Chair, said this about his team, “In general I appreciate both of these colleagues for the work they put in for our students and the support they give me in our department. Specifically I appreciate Ms. Henry for her wealth of experience and knowledge about science activities and student relationships, in addition to her knowledge of the workings of an early college high school. I appreciate Mr Ford for his knowledge about how to make science fun and his willingness to try new things. Mr Ford also has a strong desire for students to succeed and always helps out when asked”. 

Our social studies department consists of Mr. Joel Elliot, Mr. Christian Clark, and Ms. Katie Adams. Mr. Elliot, the Social Studies Department Chair, said this about his team, “They bring energy and innovation, eagerness and empathy, and they do those things with a mind towards excellence.  I feel like we all can ask for and accept help and do so in a way that shifts the small and large of the educational process”. 

Our English department consists of Ms. Laura Askue, Mrs. Shelby Leonard, and Ms. Megan Smith. Ms. Askue, the English Department Chair, said this about her team, “Together, they [Ms. Smith & Ms. Leonard] make the most collaborative team I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  All of our strengths matter in our lesson planning, which is what makes collaboration so important, and I believe our school as a whole is stronger for this team. Individually, I appreciate Ms. Leonard’s tough exterior and sarcasm with her students. I think they all love her for it too. She is smart, organized, and so much fun to work with. Mrs. Leonard is a fantastic partner. I appreciate Ms. Smith’s creativity and ability to bond with the freshmen so well.  Her return to the Nest as a teacher has brought a grounding to the freshman class both socially and academically.  Her humor and hard work make her a great partner as well”. Our amazing english department can be seen pictured left to right: Ms. Askue, Ms. Smith, Mrs. Leonard.

While these 4 departments directly instruct our students on a daily basis, we would not be able to be the amazing family of students and educators that we are without people like Mrs. Absher, Mr. Tantillo, Ms. Jessup, Ms. Weeks, Ms. White, Mrs. Earnhardt, Ms. Bedell, Ms. Harton, and Mr. Earnhardt. 

Our list of staff members may be small, but that doesn’t mean they affect our lives any less than a staff of 100 would. On behalf of the entire student body every one of you has changed our lives for the better.