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Gabriel M.

Brunswick County Early College has made many changes over the years. Many changes have happened this year alone; for example, one big change is that freshmen don’t have to dress for success for Wednesday every day now or that they have changed the way that the lunch line works; there are many things that new and old student deal with now.

For this new school year, the new freshman might never have to dress for success; some might not even know what that means. Even though freshmen don’t have to wear dresses for success, there are some days that the freshman may have to wear suits in the future, like for career day or on special occasions. Even though some people might be mad about freshmen not wearing suits to dress for success, there is a good reason why. As one of the teachers said, it is because many students in the past saw it as a punishment, and not wearing it every week gives it a purpose when students have to wear a suit instead of just another day of the week.

Luch this year is also different. Last year, lunch for lunch, there were only one to two options when getting something to eat, but gladly that has changed. While going through the lunch line, there are two extra options. You can make your kind of sandwich or grab hot food that varies through the day while still having the option to get food the original way.

One thing that many people talked about was the retirement of Mrs. White. Mrs. White was one of the people who stayed at Early College the longest. Many people loved her. Another person who left was Ms. Weeks. She helped with second chance breakfast and also quizzed people on the 5Rs. If they knew all five, they could have another piece of candy.

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